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The success of an organization resides

in the well-being of your team.

Conscious Organizations and Efficient Companies

We offer trainings ofMindfulness, Breathing Techniques and Body Awareness customized for companies and organizations, with the aim of improving the emotional and physical well-being of employees, promoting productivity and efficiency at work, and generating a healthier and more positive work environment.

Taller de mindfulness

Who are we?

As professionals specialized in Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques and Body Awareness, we are dedicated to bringing the transformative benefits of these practices to the business world.

Ours programs are meticulously designed to encourage the mental and emotional health of workers, boost your productivity and create a working environment month positive


We are here to guide companies towards a future where the welfare of the employees is a priority, contributing to a balance between the mind,the company and the success

Transform the vision
Cohesive teams
Search for excellence
Positive work climate

Mindfulness programs,
Workshops and individual coaching

Mindfulness programs
We offer personalized mindfulness and meditation programs for companies and organizations, adapted to the needs of each team. Our programs help reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase creativity and productivity.

Workshop and courses
We teach mindfulness and meditation workshops and courses for companies and organizations.
Our workshops are designed to teach workers mindfulness and meditation techniques, so that they can apply them in their day-to-day life and improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Individual coaching
We offer one-on-one mindfulness and meditation coaching for managers and employees who want to deepen their mindfulness and meditation practice. Our coaching is designed to help workers develop mindfulness and meditation skills that allow them to improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Antoni Lluis Master Mindfulness

Antoni Lluís Moleti


My vision embraces the goal of building meaningful connections between organizations and the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing.


With Talent Huma, I seek to facilitate this transition, offering solutions that harmonize the work environment with the demands of today's world.


My immersion in meditation and mindfulness began in 2005, prompted by a profound personal and life change.


With more than 15 years of  dedication,Talent Huma represents the mature culmination of the past five years dedicated to Mindfulness Solutions.

Consciencia corporal


  • Our philosophy of life is fully attuned to the practice of mindfulness, the meditation and  the Body Consciousness.

  • We have qualified  with exceptional programs focused on the stress reduction, thefull attention and the conscious leadership

  • We have unique tools and programs that create secure environments to deploy all the human potential in the business environment, forming teams of high value and with superior effectiveness.

  • This results in a reduction of thel eave of absence and in an increase in human strength and cohesion

Max Volckaert, RR.HH Jardins Verticals

"It's been an incredible experience for everyone, the atmosphere in the office has taken a 360° positive turn."

They have trusted us:

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